Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello Scrappers :) It's that time again, the start of the holiday season. Maybe you haven't had time to scrapbook last year's holiday photos, or maybe you have but want to spend less time on the process this year. Whatever your situation, if you want to simplify your holiday scrapbooking, we've got a solution: create your pages in advance, minus the photos and journaling. Then after the festivities, you can complete the pages. With this simple plan, you'll have a complete holiday album by the end of the holidays ! First: start with a plan, make a list of your family traditions, activities that make the holidays meaningful for you, such as Christmas Stockings, holiday brunch, picking a tree together, decorating the tree together, etc... Second: choose the size of album you would like to create, a 6X6 is a perfect size for a few photos and some journaling, but you can work with any size that works for you. Third: start creating your pages, maybe one or two per night, or two pages a week starting now, choosing a simple design. Leaving room for your photos. After the holidays you can then add your photos to your pre-made pages, which will make it very simple for you to then share with your family & friends.... If you need any help in creating some simple pages, let me know and I will be more than happy to give you some quick ideas :) Hope this will help to get you started... HAPPY SCRAPPIN, BEC ~

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